Meet Wayne

With over 25 years of full time real estate experience, Wayne understands that his successes are based on his services and the loyal client relationships that he has established. 


At 2% Realty, Wayne prides himself in offering the same full time and professional services as he has always done for his clients. The only difference is that he now charges a flat rate of 2% on the commission instead of the traditional Calgary model of 7%/3% which he charged at other brokerages. That’s it. From the time you sign the Listing Agreement to the time the keys are transferred to the new owner on Possession Day, he is fully involved with the complete real estate process. Wayne understands paying more does not mean getting more.   


Buyers and sellers appreciate Wayne’s unwavering focus and commitment to helping them achieve the smoothest and most efficient real estate transactions.  Key to what makes him so effective is the honest, realistic guidance he provides. His clients feel informed and confident in their decisions because Wayne delivers the benefit of his intuition, experience and knowledge, every step of the way.